Subin pre-debut

Pre-debut Subin w/ D-U’s Bomi


f(x) Sulli - Red Light Teaser #2


Kai - 140614 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Wuhan

Credit: Keeping Miracle.

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Chanyeol - 140208 20th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards

Credit: Beagles(제20회 대한민국 연예예술상 시상식)

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D.O - 140228 Gangnam Goodwill Ambassador Appointment

Credit: Shelter. (강남 홍보대사 위촉식)

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Luhan as the First Knight of the Summer Kingdom

Remember that Spring is filled with gentle rain, because the Summer Knight misses his Crown Prince.

Fragile Eternity by lunathunderhead

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“I hadn’t said goodbye. It had been easier, like always, to just disappear, sparing myself the messy details of another farewell. What was the point? Anything I said now would only be an afterthought.”

- Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye

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you know it breaks my heart (x)

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